stazy makes your portfolio fly

Corporate management on a completely new level:

You can gain clarity through the use of modern methods. You are able to manage your portfolio enthusiastically and inspired by stazy, unerringly in all phases.

Benefit from stazy’s unique portfolio management DNA!

Strategic Portfolio Management

Agile Portfolio Management

Lean Portfolio Management

Lean Capacity Management

Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Link your strategic planning, portfolio definition, capacity planning and portfolio control.

In one tool.

In both directions


Plan and initiate your goals.

and Bottom-Up 

Control and monitor your results.

stazy has portfolio management in its DNA

stazy picks you up exactly where you are and develops further with you

The diversity of stazy’s portfolio management DNA allows you to collect and aggregate information and dependencies across all structures – top-down and bottom-up. This allows you to keep an eye on your entire strategy and tactics planning with just one tool, without having to replace existing project management solutions.

With stazy you can successfully implement your corporate strategy using modern methods and individually combinable modules.

Modern methods,

as decision-making aids
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Individual modules

that grow with you
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Take advantage of our free
stazy spotlights and live trainings.

The next stazy spotlight:

stazy spotlight – Lean Capacity Management

Wednesday, 12.10.2022 from 9 am to 9.30 am

Duration: 30 minutes

stazy spotlight – What’s that?

Our stazy spotlight series offers you a focused insight into different sub-areas of project portfolio management. As part of it, we illustrate the practical implementation of the topic with the help of our software stazy.

Not only will you gain new input but also ideas and best practices for the implementation within your organization.

stazy spotlight – Lean Capacity Management

Your company has a lot of work on the plate – but is lacking sufficient capacity. This is a common problem in every organization and leads to a constant need to adjust plans to what is really possible with the available resources.

But how do we get the necessary information?

Which resources have spare capacity, which bottlenecks exist and where do we have to invest in extra power?

All these questions can be answered with the help of Lean Capacity Management. Let us give you a direct insight into the practical implementation with our software stazy.

If you consider stazy to be a potential solution for your own organization, we are happy to help you get started with your own basic stazy implementation – and with any future growth.

Sign up now for our stazy spotlight: Lean Capacity Management on Wednesday, 12th October 2022

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